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I believe that "to paint is to create a determined image," and I aim to make binarized, non-animated paintings, using all kinds of immovable objects, from road signs to the Chichibu Mountains, as models.

I am thinking about the age-old question of the pictoriality of painting in our time.

 - TYM344




2010 Waseda University, B.A. in Literature


2023 Stop and Go, Night Out Gallery, Tokyo

2022 WHERE IT'S AT, OIL by Bijutsutecho Gallery, Tokyo

2021 Leisure, MEDEL GALLERY SHU, Tokyo

2020 Eye Know Eye Love You Better, The Blank Gallery, Tokyo

2017 Never Understand, Nao Nakamura (Heavysick Zero), Tokyo

         Hard / Soft, Nao Nakamura (Faith), Tokyo

         Arai No Ai-chan Ten ! 2, Meee Gallery Tokyo, Tokyo

2015 Substance, Shinguku Ganka Art Gallery, Tokyo

         Ki No Mi Wa Moto E O2, Gallery Kata/Kombe, Tokyo


2014 Arai No Ai-chan Ten !, Meee Gallery Tokyo, Tokyo



2024 BOXES, OIL by Bijutsutecho Gallery, Tokyo

2023 Real Artifact, YOD Tokyo, Tokyo

         Art Fair Asia Fukuoka 2023, Marine Messe Fukuoka, Fukuoka

         Aliens 3, Finch Arts, Kyoto

         Expression Vol.2, Changting Galley, Tokyo

2022 TOKYO COLOURS, Tokyo Park, London

         Ginza Collector's Club, Ginza Six Tsutaya, Tokyo

         Jump Jump Tokyo presents ’Tokyo Nights' Vol.4, Block House Gallery, Tokyo

         Everyday Melancholic, Artas Gallery, Fukuoka

         THE blank GALLERY 10th Anniversary Exhibition “10 YEARS UNPLANNED”, The Blank Gallery, Tokyo

         Animal, Changting Gallery, Tokyo

2021 Supermarket Alternative, BnA Alter Musum, Kyoto

         Dpi, Kanze Arts, Fukuoka

         Towed Collection, Gallery Towed, Tokyo

         What Cafe x Delta Exhibition -Expansion-, What Cafe, Tokyo

2020 Glory of 2020, Yumi Adachi Contemporary / Awoba Soh, Tokyo

2019 Un/real Engine, Toda Building, Tokyo

         Pack 2019 : Adventure ! Double Cross, Post Territory Ujeongguk, Seoul

         Art Folda 00 Skip Tracer, Medel Gallery Shu, Tokyo

         Gallery Towed 1st Anniversary Exhibition, Gallery Towed, Tokyo

         Tav Gallery 5th Anniversary Exhibition : Mid Core, Tav Gallery, Tokyo

         Views and Faces, The Blank Gallery, Tokyo

2018 Gallery Towed Pre-Open Exhibition, Gallery Towed, Tokyo 

         Nameraka, Tataraba, Tokyo

         Kanji Yumisashi : Shigatsu No Ningyo, Genron Chaos*Lounge Gotanda, Tokyo


2017 Parplume University -Fantasia from Top to End-, Gallery Toritachi-No-Ie, Tottori

         Shibuya Style vol.11, Seibu Shibuya Art Gallery, Tokyo

         Chaos*Lounge 9 Vaper Hell, Billiken Gallery, Tokyo

         Ginza 24h Squad, A Building in GInza, Tokyo

2016 Barrackout, Former Matsuda House, Tokyo

         Deblis*Lounge, Genron Chaos*Lounge Gotanda, Tokyo

         Current War Painting Exhibition, Tav Gallery, Tokyo

         Kaiga Kento Kai 2016, Turner Gallery, Tokyo

         Kitajima/Kohsuke #13 -Ike To Kaibutsu Hen-, Gallery Kata/Kombe, 東京

         Collapse Eve, Former Toshima Ward Office Building, Tokyo

2015 Kitajima/Kohsuke #12 - Hate No Hatsuka No 81-, Gallery Kata/Kombe, Tokyo

         52Hz Homing, Shagami Jaku Punch Museum (Nakano Zero), Tokyo

         Kitajima/Kohsuke #11 -Taifu No Kureta Table Ni Tsuke-, Gallery Kata/Kombe, Tokyo

         Chaos*Lounge 7 Odayaka Ja Nai, Billiken Gallery, Tokyo

         52Hz, Shagami Jaku Punch Museum (Kozakuro), Okinawa

         Kitajima/Kohsuke #10 -100 Nen Tenso-, Gallery Kata/Kombe, Tokyo

         Kitajima/Kohsuke #09 -Wan Q Matsuyama Asu No Uwasa-, Galllery Kata/Kombe, Tokyo

         Hilfa!, Gallery Kata/Kombe, Tokyo

         Comitia 111, Tokyo Big Site, Tokyo

2014 Kitajima/Kohsuke #08, Gallery Kata/Kombe, Tokyo

         Comitia 110, Tokyo Big Site, Tokyo

         Kitajima/Kohsuke #07, Gallery Kata/Kombe, Tokyo

         Chaos*Lounge Six -Image No Tarikihongan-, Billiken Gallery, Tokyo

         Home And Dry, Commune, Tokyo

         Kitajima/Kohsuke #06, Gallery Kata/Kombe, Tokyo  

         Tagboat Artfes 2014, Daihonzan Zojoji, Tokyo

         Geisai #20, Tokyo Ryutsu Center, Tokyo

         There's No Other Way, Shagami Jaku Punch Museum (Nakano Zero), Tokyo

         Kitajima/Kohsuke #05, Gallery Kata/Kombe, Tokyo

2013 Kitajima/Kohsuke #04, Gallery Kata/Kombe, Tokyo

         Comitia 106, Tokyo Big Site, Tokyo

         Kitajima/Kohsuke #03, Gallery Kata/Kombe, Tokyo

         Geisai #19, Tokyo Metropolitan Industry and Trade Center Taito Building, Tokyo

         Kitajima/Kohsuke #02, Gallery Kata/Kombe, Tokyo

         Geisai #18, Tokyo Metropolitan Industry and Trade Center Taito Building, Tokyo

         Kitajima/Kohsuke #01, Gallery Kata/Kombe, Tokyo


2022 Tamaka, Ogawa, "Kokuhatsu To Yobareru Mono No Syuuhen De", Aki Shobo

2017 Fuse, Hideto, "Wakaritai ! Gendai Art", Kobunsha Chie No Mori Bunko

         "Kaiga Kento Kai 2016 - Archives, Analysis and First Remarks", Art Diver


2019 Elle Deco Japan No.165

         Pen No.468

         Monthly Art Collectors' February Issue 

2018 Monthly Art Collectors' October Issue

         Bijutsutecho August Special Issue

2017 Fuse, Hideto, "Wakaritai ! Gendai Art", Kobunsha Chie No Mori Bunko

         Tsuchiya, Seiichi, "A Collection Of Absent Codes", Bijutsutecho March Issue

2016 Bijutsutecho December Issue

         Sawayama, Ryo, "Structure and Poverty", Bijutsutecho September Issue 

         Bijutsutecho May Issue 

         Fuse, Hideto, "Perth Ga Wakareba Kaiga Ga Wakaru", Kobunsha Shinsho, p. 100 - 102

         Bijutsutecho April Issue         
         Bijutsutecho March Issue
         Bijutsutecho February Issue

2015 Sawaragi, Noi, "Nichi Nichi Niche", Bijutsutecho August Issue



Upcomings and Current


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